Cetylmyristoleate: the natural way to relieve arthritis pain

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A Comprehensive Perspective of CMO As An Adaptagenic Immunomodulator

CMO is the world’s first and only true adaptagenic immunomodulator.

Only CMO has corrective and restorative immunomodulatory properties for autoimmune diseases. Other so-called “immunomodulators” do not. They function primarily as immunosuppressants or immunostimulants. They are capable of only one principal action, either suppressing or stimulating immune function. CMO, on the other hand, permanently corrects autoimmune programs within the memory T-cells themselves rather than just temporarily suppressing or stimulating immune system activities.

That is why a single CMO therapy program usually lasts forever without any need to repeat the therapy or use any additional medication of any kind.

CMO is not an immunosuppressant, nor an immunostimulant. Nor is it a pharmaceutical. It is a naturally derived substance that has received the highest safety level attainable by certified independent laboratory testing.

Some practitioners have theorized that, in the case of arthritis for example, CMO merely acts upon pain receptors at the arthritic site. If that were so, CMO’s effects would not be permanent. Furthermore, that theory cannot explain:

  • how CMO lowers blood sedimentation rates in lupus patients
  • or how it reverses lung inflammation in emphysema,
  • or how it lowers the need for insulin in diabetics,
  • or how it reverses prostate inflammation,
  • or how it relieves certain symptoms of multiple sclerosis,
  • or how it corrects Crohn’s disease,
  • or how it reverses fibromyalgia,
  • or how it reverses lung damage in sarcoidosis patients,
  • or how it lowers high blood pressure yet elevates low blood pressure,
  • or how it benefits virtually any ailment with autoimmune components.

Obviously, CMO is a general remedial immunomodulator that acts upon the memory T-cells which control the autoimmune processes within our bodies. Those who speculate otherwise have misunderstood the biophysiological actions of CMO within the body.

It is also important to understand that CMO acts only upon memory T-cells and does not inhibit the activities of any of the several other types of T-cells that are responsible for combating infective microorganisms or invading substances.

Unlike the immunosuppressants commonly used to try to temporarily control the symptoms of autoimmune diseases, CMO does not leave the body vulnerable to attack by disease-causing agents. Nor does it inhibit the body’s resistance to tumor formation, as do the dangerous new tumor necrosis factor (TNF) suppressants of some new arthritis drugs.

This report is reprinted with the permission of its author, Dr. Len Sands. Dr Sands is the Director of the San Diego International Immunological Center and developer of the originial CMO oral formula.